Manage your m Pesa Payments
in a Simpler and Secured System
List out all transactions in the mobile application and gives a customer centric view
All transactions are shown based on the transaction dates.
The most recent transactions will be listed in a click
Few filter options listed down
All Time
Shows all transactions based on Year, month and time
Time Frame
Filters based on individual dates given
Print & Mail
Any report can be printed or can be sent to mail as pdf
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PayFlick is an amazing solution for any business dealing m pesa transactions in day to day life. You can sign up with us and try out the solution which will make the job easier for you. As stated in the name, Be Fast Be Secure, the solution manages the m pesa transactions with the help of a specially designed android device. The transactions will be shown to the business user in a narrative manner and will help him to understand better. Same time, the device sends the data into secured cloud system where the business administrator can see the entire story through our web application. The rights and permissions will be strict and can be managed by the business administrator. He will be able to see the details as well as pull any reports based on the transactions for making any meaningful decisions. PayFlick ensures the security of the data and the same time simplicity in making the application is the focus. Signup for free and try it out in your area.
PayFlick organizes your m-pesa transactions
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